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Please submit the below registration form and your payment in the amount of $150 ($125 for JCC members or small fry society members) for mom and one child ($25 for each additional child over age one).  You will receive a confirmation email.   Please be sure to submit the form first, then return to the page if you wish to pay by credit card.  Thanks!

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Unable to attend the full term or half term but want to come to the evening educational sessions? 
We'd love to have you!  Click here to register.

Buying as a gift? 

Small fry society is a perfect gift to give family and friends!  Just fill out the registration form with the gift recipient's information, or as much information as you know.  Please be sure to include the contact information for the gift recipient.  In the box for What do you hope to get out of joining small fry society? please type/write in Gift from (please include your name, email and phone number).  I will keep all of the information on file as a credit and get in touch with the gift recipient before the next term starts.

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Please make checks payable to Amy Lundy.  Mail check to small fry society at
113 Bosphorous Avenue #6, Tampa, FL 33606.


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